All about Asset Progression

With Personalised Home Upgrade Plan and Careful Financial Calculations,
you will have Confidence to Upgrade within your comfortable limits.


  1. Upgrade to Condo using little or no cash from savings
  2. Create up to $200K ‘Rainy Day’ fund 

Is that possible?

This is only applicable for Home Owners that...

Stayed in their HDB flat for more than 5 years

  1. *Note: You will need to fulfil your Minimum Occupation Period of 5 years before I can advise you accordingly.

    If not, any strategy or advice  that I share with you now is not applicable and may be irrelevant as policies may change in the future.*

let’s meet for a Free & Non-Obligation Discussion today!

If you have met your 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

During our discussion, I will go thru the checklist with you

  1. Full Financial Planning for Home Upgrade

  2. Cash-flows and Timeline needed

  3. Suitable Housing Options (EC / Condo / Resale HDB)

  4. Build ‘Rainy Day’ Fund for unexpected situations

Case Study #1

Let's look at Tanny & Family HDB to Condo Journey

They are 4rm HDB flat owners and thinking of upgrading to bigger house. They want to be sure which property choice is most suitable for them. 

With their concerns in mind, I customised a Home Upgrade Plan specially for them and ran thru their financial details, explaining the pros and cons of different housing options.

Finally, they have decided to upgrade their 4Rm HDB to 3-Bedroom Condo. ​​All are done without them forking out extra cash and they still have >$130,000 balance for ‘rainy’ days.

They are now Proud Owners of 3-Bedroom Condo

Case Study #2

Let's look at William & Family HDB to Condo Journey

They are middle income family of 3, who owns 5rm HDB flat. Upgrading to condo is their dream but concerned about the finances involved and do not want to be stressed by the home upgrade. 

After going thru their Personalised Home Upgrade Plan with them and working out their finances carefully, finally they feel assured and decided to proceed and realise their Condo dream.

They have upgraded their 5Rm HDB to 2Bedroom + Study Condo. ​​

All are done without coming out extra cash and they still have >$120,000 balance for ‘rainy’ days.

Still having doubts?

Let's meet up and I will clarify with you during our 1-to-1 discussion.

Don't simply assume that upgrading is out of your means without first consulting a Real Estate Professional.

Afterall, these discussions are completely free and non-obligatory. Seize this opportunity and achieve your dream of upgrading.

Seize this opportunity and achieve your dream of upgrading.

After so many years of real estate,

I've came across many people who have not thought of investing in 2nd property

and using it as their Solid Tool for Retirement.

They would have missed deadline to build their wealth

and safeguard their future if they continue to do nothing.

Let me ask you:

Do you know what are your Privileges when you have 2 fully-paid Private Properties by 55?

Privilege 1: Stay in 1st property, Collect rent from 2nd property

Privilege 2: Stay in 1st property, Cash out 2nd property for Retirement

Privilege 3: Cash out both properties, buy a HDB and keep the extra cash

Only owners with 2 or more properties can have such privileges

and flexibility to decide how much cash they need.

They can be 100% sure that their future is financially secured.

Don't you want to like them when you retire?

You might be thinking that

Upgrading to Condo or Owning more properties is Risky

Yes, It's risky for anyone to buy property without in-depth financial knowledge and contingency plan.

Therefore, it's my duty to advise my clients carefully about Risk and Affordability. They must feel secure with their financial figures and have viable backup plan before going ahead with the purchases.

Rest assured that I will not allow my clients to take unnecessary risks or go beyond their means to buy property.

Let's meet up and discover how can you own more properties safely without added stress.

Take note! This is not a get rich quick scheme.

I don’t promise you a secret formula to financial freedom, because…

Every individual and family is unique

For asset progression to work, I will first have to assess your profile before I am able to provide you a suitable plan.

I would like to provide you a FREE consultation

A no-obligation discussion at your convenience. I will assist you in preliminary financial assessment and alignment of your needs, provide in-depth financial calculation allowing you to understand your sales proceeds and purchase payment breakdown, and eventually mapping out a conservative Property Road Map to help you achieve multiple properties in the long term.

Stop doubting the possibility to achieve financial freedom. Let me show you how it can be done.

I am here to answer any question you may have about Asset Progression. Leave your contact and I will get back to you.

    Ask yourself: What is the Property Quality you want to own when you retire?

    Is it $500K or $5M?

    Lee Gin Leong
    Associate Group Division Director,

    CEA Number: R008090C
    Mobile: 91461296