Aren’t you curious how..

Many families with a household income of $7k to $8k onwards have upgraded their property and lifestyles? 

How, through 
meticulous financial planning and step-by-step Asset Progression Strategies, they are now proud owners of 1 or even 2 private properties?

Are you in distress due to the following reason:

🚫Property on the market for some time but still unsold

🚫No or low offer received from potential buyers

🚫Few/no viewings since day one

🚫Agent advised property market is weak

🚫Agent not aggressive enough and didn’t spend more on marketing


They are on track to achieve a FINANCIALLY FREE future.

The question is, ARE YOU?

“Asset Progression Strategy”
– so what exactly is it?

Upgrade your house with NO EXTRA CASH & still have SAVINGS in hand
Possibly Own Multiple Properties with your current income
Generate Passive Income from property & maybe retire earlier than 55 years old
Start a Property Saving Plan (PSP) & make $ for your loved ones in the future 

1) Don’t you wish your grandparents had bought few more properties 30 years ago?
2) Don’t you wish your parents had purchased a private condominium instead of HDB 15 years ago?
3) Don’t you wish you had secured another property in the last few years?
Any Regrets now?
Your DECISION today will greatly impact your loved ones 30 years later

Discover how an “Asset Progression Consultation” can benefit your family 

Case example 1
(Retiring couple nearing 55 years old)

Mr and Mrs Tan, both employed, had wanted to upgrade from 4-rm HDB to 3-room condominium.

Before meeting me, they never knew their property can help unlock the extra income at their age to have an easier retirement.

Through in-depth “Asset Progression calculation”,  I was able to help them to become proud owners of a 2-bedroom condominium and another studio apartment with spare cash of $100,000 for “rainy days”.

Case example 2
(Upgrading and Leveraging)

Peter & Lynda, in their Mid 40’s with $9-10k income, intend to clear off 5 room HDB loan and purchase 2nd properties. Wait and see concept.

After meeting up with “The Asset Progression Consultant”, they now own a 3 bedroom apartment capital reserve of $2xxk CPF, enough to last 6 years of unemployment.

After 6 Years, they will sell away the condo and re-purchase few properties. 

Case example 3
(Apartment owner upsizing)

Mr and Mrs Lim, in their 40’s with $10k income, had sought my advice to sell their 2-bedroom apartment and wish to purchase bigger 3-bedroom condominium.

After meeting up with “The Asset Progression Consultant”.

 They now own a 3 bedroom apartment plus another studio apartment with capital reserve of $150,000, enough to last
50 months of unemployment.

They are happy with the route they choose.

Case example 4
(Upgrading and Leveraging)

Mr and Mrs Teo, in their 30’s with $7-8k income, had sought my advice to sell their 4-room HDB and wish to purchase bigger 3-bedroom condominium.

After meeting up with “The Asset Progression Consultant”, they now own a 3 bedroom new launch condo by leveraging the cash proceed and CPF return from their HDB (MOP 5 Years).


As a real estate professional, an asset strategist and with a total of more than 12 years in the industry, we aim to help our clients leverage and achieve the best in the real estate journey. 

Everyone and anyone, with the correct knowledge, strategies, and methods can achieve the Singapore Dream of owning multiple properties.

My team and I have met with people from all walks of life and we truly believe that with the right strategy and planning, everyone can achieve their life goals and retire comfortably.


The 3D Virtual Tour will be delivered via sharable link.
Super convenient for showing to the clients around the world.
Is the Virtual World.

Virtual Staging

We also create highly realistic images with virtual furniture and settings.

Creating unforgettable experiences that connects story to space.

We bring top-tier real estate to life.


Explore the importance and impact of decluttering. A process to offload redundant and excess items while presenting your home in the best possible light.

Virtual Drawing

Professional Interior Design Drawings (ID drawings).

It provides the details of the makeover of the unit.

The perfect guide to design and enhancement for your listing.

My client Says

Ms Lee

We managed to sell our house pretty quickly and they were very helpful in assisting us through our first sale in Singapore. The staging process they used revitalised our home and surely made it more attractive to potential buyers. They kept us regularly up to date on the status of the leads from potential inspection through to offers. Thanks Gin!!!

James Wee

Engaged Gin to market my parent’s 4-room flat in Choa Chu Kang. He displayed professionalism and offered realistic solutions. Tapped onto to his wide network and social media marketing to reach out to potential audience. The place was sold within 8 weeks of actual marketing. Kudo to Gin and his team.

Devu Shan

I’m satisfied with the professional and friendly service Gin have provided. From day one, everything to do with selling my property has been handled well. He got me buyer very quickly within the promised time frame. Communication is always timely, clear and helpful. He kept me updated and were very honest and trustworthy through out the whole process, and got me the price i needed. I am grateful and appreciate his willingness to go the extra mile. Great to work with them.


Working with Gin and his team have been awesome experience for me, They understand situations and how to quickly solve it without beating the bush! i enjoyed our working relationship and communicating with them is never an issue! i trust that they will strive their best for their client too!